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BLS for healthcare provider - new certification

BLS for healthcare provider - recertification

Pediatric CPR & First Aid


Intravenous Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Certification

Advanced Dysrhythmias & 12-Lead EKG

Basic and Advanced ECG Interpretation (3-lead and 12-lead)

ECG's made easy online for lvns


The Human Body In Health & Disease

Math & Drug Calculations Online For Nursing And Health Professions

Medical Billing Online

Medical Terminology Online

Medical Terminology Online ($150)

This course provides an introduction to medical language for students entering the Vocational Nursing Program or would like to enhance their medical vocabulary beyond a CNA level. It shows how to decipher the meanings of medical terms by breaking them down into smaller word parts. The course introduces words in the context of human anatomy, physiology and pathology so concepts are easier to grasp, while instilling the basics of suffixes, prefixes, and root words essential to developing a working medical vocabulary. Extensive hands-on practice, repetition, and case studies encourage students to learn by doing - writing terms, labeling diagrams, and completing exercises and review sheets. The student will acquire a solid foundation that not only aids retention of the medical terminology, but also equips the student with the basic tools of reading and writing fundamental to modern medicine.

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